Friday, April 16, 2010

Meet the Exhibitors: thinknow design

Simple, Elegant, and Sustainable. These words describe the sustainable and fashion-forward line of jewelry by thinknow design.
We met the designer of this fabulous jewelry line, Becky Ellis, last summer and were blown away by the simplicity and beauty of her creations. When designing the jewelry, Becky sets out to create pieces that fit into four core values:
  • Have we created a simply elegant product that is unique and beautiful?
  • Is this product as green, recycled, rapidly renewable, and harmless to the environment as possible?
  • Is each design special enough, different enough, and unprecedented in a wide world of international fashion?
  • Have we captured the essence of simple materials and cultural patterns in such a way that is attractive, inspiring, and even innovative?

We know from experience that it takes a lot of hard work and creativity to design something sustainable and beautiful. Congrats to Becky on nailing it. Her designs are sure to create a frenzy on runways in 2010.
In addition to creating gorgeous, sustainable jewelry, Becky is also the graphic designer for the Eco-Chic Expo. Thank you for the beautiful artwork!

To preview some of the thinknow pieces that will be available at the Eco-Chic Expo, visit thinknow design .

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