Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Freshen Any Space Naturally

There are so many ways to spruce up a room sustainably. A new room update doesn't require spending a dime if you gather up a few eco-chic tips!

An easy and natural way to create atmosphere in any room is through scent. Consider the delight from delicious kitchen aromas or the smell of a bubble bath. At the May 1st Eco-Chic Expo, exhibitor Satsuma Designs will help guests create these scents to turn each day into a springtime stroll. Here's a little recipe they've cooked up.

Sweet Smells from Satsuma Designs - Natural Room Scents
- Fill a clean bottle with a narrow top 2/3 full with water
- Add 2 TBS vodka (top or bottom shelf doesn't matter!)
- Ad a few drops of your favorite essential oil or extract (we love grapefruit and any citrus scent that is so fresh! Also consider almond or vanilla extract that you might have in the pantry)
- Soak bamboo diffuser reeds in the bottle for 15 minutes
- Turn the reeds and enjoy!
- Please turn the reeds every third day to freshen the scent.

Satsuma Designs will be handing out bamboo diffuser reeds for guests to take home and mix up their own happy scents.

See you on May Day!

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