Sunday, April 18, 2010

Meet the Exhibitors: Clear Awakening Massage

The name alone relaxes and inspires us to take a minute to pause, doesn't it? Massage therapist, Carissa Garrard uses all methods of natural and holistic healing at her Queen Anne practice, Clear Awakening Massage.

Eco-Chic Expo is thrilled to welcome Carissa to our event where she'll be sharing her magic with complimentary mini-massage. Guests will also hear from Carissa about a range of massage and Ayurvedic therapies to achieve optimal health and balance. "When we have a clear awakening, we evolve, our lives are enriched and we become enlightened," she shares.
I was inspired by Carissa's whole approach to her practice as I discovered in her blog Awakening in a Modern World where she offers tips, tools and musings on ways we can be more connected to ourselves, our environment and each other, Au natural.

Now that deserves a cleansing deep breath!

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