Thursday, April 1, 2010

Meet the Exhibitors: is a Seattle-based online consignment community for gently used kid's clothes and gear created by parents for parents. Posting your used kid's items for sale is quick and easy and can even be done single-handed while you multitask with your other hand! Plus, you'll earn more money selling through mamaswap than you will selling through a traditional brick and mortar consignment shop or even on eBay. And it's way less of a hassle than posting to Craigslist!

One of the best things about using is our "swap meets" - a four-hour window scheduled every 2 weeks where sellers and buyers exchange goods purchased on the site as well as mingle.

Sarah Bell, the Head Mama at mamaswap will be hosting two live "swaps" at the Eco-Chic Expo up on our stage; one at 11am and another at 1pm. In addition to our regular swap fun, we will be adding two "exchange" tables; one for $10 items and one for $5 items. Bring something for the table and swap it out for something new-to-you!

What better way to refresh your toys, gear and clothes in "green" way than sending them off to greener pastures to be reused by another family?

Do you want to be part of mamaswap's live swap at the Eco-Chic Expo?  Visit for more information about signing up and swapping logistics.

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