Saturday, April 17, 2010

Meet the Exhibitors: Jello Mold Farm Makes May Day Bloom

No May Day is complete without a gorgeous hand crafted bouquet of organically grown blossoms! C'est vrai! And this May Day at the Eco-Chic Expo guests will be delighted by the visions and scent of blooms from Jello Mold Farm.

Nestled in the rich farmland of the Skagit River Valley, the gardeners of Jello Mold Farm, Diane and Dennis, lovingly tend over 150 varieties of organically grown flowers. The pair is an inspiration for living the dream (whatever yours is!). As they tell it, their romantic dream has become a happy reality; a life spent sharing the seven acres they call home with swans, bald eagles, voles, beetles and nematodes (I'm not sure either!), but it sounds divine.

We're thrilled to welcome Jello Mold Farm, Diane and Dennis to our celebration that will put a little earth day into our May Day!

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